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Apart from distributing Bibles in the schools, we also provide on a regular basis top quality audio, video and printed resource material (covering a wide spectrum of relevant issues) for use by educators, at their own discretion, presenting them with a valuable resource of unique and carefully selected media products.

In addition, we also welcome opportunities for providing motivational support individually or to groups, also focusing on learners directly. For example, one of our team (Pastor George) is a former prisoner who had previously been sentenced to death and eventually served a 25-year sentence, and whose powerful testimony has been inspiring thousands of young people to make the right life choices. He is leading a team of devoted and efficient co-workers (pastors and teachers) who have a life changing impact upon learners and teachers wherever they bring their message of hope.

LIFETALKS has been involved in nearly 368schools, and the number continues to grow. Our serviceis always welcomed and we regularly receive feedback that LIFETALKS is fulfilling a great need and is having an ongoing empowering and lasting transformative impact.

Your prayers and support for this potentially far-reaching and high-impact program will be sincerely appreciated.

“You can count the seeds in one apple but you can never count the apples in one seed”

About Us

LIFETALKS Movement is an independent and interdenominational Christian outreach programme to schools. It is a joint initiative by Rev. Dolf Kruger (formerly a full-time pastor at Moreleta Park Church) and Company Care, an interdenominational Christian workplace ministry originating from Campus Crusade for Christ SA.


Our purpose is, on the one hand, to encourage and support teachers/educators in their task, often characterised by severe pressures and challenges, and to inspire them to regard their occupation as a calling not only to convey academic/technical knowledge but also help equip learners with sound values and the life orientation and skills needed for living fulfilling and meaningful lives.


We are convinced that the future of our country can be influenced decisively through the moral and spiritual empowerment of children in their formative years –for which teachers are particularly well-positioned, in many cases fulfilling a vital “parenting” role. That is why we believe that educators deserve all the help and tools they can get to strengthen their hands for thiscrucial (but often underestimated) task. And we want to help them find more meaning and joy in their work.

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