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A disciplined life is a meaningful life

One of the most important questions that every sensible human being asks themselves is the question of how to live one's own life.  If you ever asked yourself such a question you will find that it is not the case that the answer can be obtained immediately. This is a topic that is so deep and difficult that people have in fact over the course of history dedicated their whole lives to figuring it out. This attempts have over time given birth to a host of disciplines ranging from morality, spirituality, religious, philosophical and psychological that are fundamentally aiming to help man answer this question with the profoundness it deserves. It goes without saying that one of the most difficult challenges of the modern man is to intergrade some of these disciplines or all of them. What I'd like to do at this point is try to narrow our discussion along two aspects, first by defining discipline for our purpose, then invoke that definition to elaborate how meaning can be obtained from a discipline life in the modern context.

Definition of Discipline

In the strict dictionary definition discipline is the practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behavior, using punishment to correct disobedience. However I'd like to propose a more lenient definition in order enclose the wide range of ideas we are going dabble in. So in our case discipline is a set of ideas, habits, practices and guidelines that are relied upon to guide and caution our actions and decisions. So to now better phrase our topic it would read as follows, a life that is lived with good habits and sound principles is a meaningful life. Our next goal is to now borrow ideas and build an argument that is as informed as we possibly can. I should note right at our onset that it is practically impossible write something that everyone agrees with so I will only try to speak only in as much as I know and to the degree that that will be useful to the topic at hand. 

Paranthesis On the Discussion

We have to build a sort of a model of a human being, theoretically of course. The aim is to plot out a general person whom these ideas can be useful to. Let's assume a man of about 26 years with friends, a job, family and relatives. He might need to manage himself, interpersonal relationships and professional competency, contributions to society and the overall purpose of his life.

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