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Set 4 

Overcoming childhood traumas-Dr James Dobson

02 Track 2Dr James Dobson
01 Track 1Dr James Dobson

How To Hear from God in Difficult times-Bayless Conley

01 Track 1Bayless Conley
02 Track 2Bayless Conley
03 Track 3Bayless Conley
04 Track 4Bayless Conley
05 Track 5Bayless Conley
06 Track 6Bayless Conley

Proverbs(addiction)-Mark Driscoll

01 01 Track 1Mark Driscoll

Mashadi Mokoena - God Fights for us (Sepedi)

01 Track 1Mashadi Mokoena
02 Track 2Mashadi Mokoena
03 Track 3Mashadi Mokoena
04 Track 4Mashadi Mokoena
05 Track 5Mashadi Mokoena
06 Track 6Mashadi Mokoena
Set 4
Addiction - Mark Driscoll
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